Is the "You need to configure Jira before enabling this service" an info message?

We are migrating our AWS CodeCommit repos to a self-hosted GitLab, and I’m trying to connect our existing Jira Cloud set-up to the new GitLab repos. I’ve watched the “Agile Mangement - GitLab-Jira Basic Integration” YouTube video (

I’ve also read the and its referenced webpages.

So I’ve created the JIRA API token, and went over to the GitLab Admin Area -> Integrations -> Jira page. I’ve filled out all of the fields that are relevant. I don’t see a “Test…” button, just a “Save changes” button.

Saving gives me not only a “Jira settings saved and active.” message (which I can discard), but there’s a grey box message: “You need to configure Jira before enabling this service. For more details ready the Jira service documentation.” (with a link to the page I mentioned).

But no matter what I do and change, I can’t get rid of that “You need to configure Jira…” message box. So after a couple of hours of playing around and reading documentation and web-searching to no avail, I’m left with the question: is this just an informational message that is unrelated to the state of the integration? That is, can I just ignore that message, or is it an error message?