Is there a GitLab API Specification, such as Swagger or RAML?

I’m the author of the GitLab::API::v3 Perl module and came up with my own very limited specification of the GitLab API here:

I’d like to change this to use an official API specification, optimally Swagger. I was about to start working on this but wanted to first check if someone has already done this. Also, I would think that it would be beneficial to GitLab if the API documentation was generated from an API specification like this. The current documentation has lots of holes in it. Auto-generated documentation would be much less likely to be missing information.

So, mostly, I just need to know if this has already been done or if someone is planning on doing it. Thanks!

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Hmm, starting to think the GitLab devs don’t monitor the forums. :frowning:

Documentation has come up to many discussions as to how to improve it. I don’t think anyone has worked something like swagger (first time I heard it). It might worth checking out.

Pinging @sytse @dblessing @jvanbaarsen @dmitriy_zaporozhets

Yeah, most devs monitor the issue tracker, some from the team respond to google groups, other help at the irc and I lurk here :slight_smile:

GitLab website with API documentation is generated from source code in repository - The best way to improve API documentation is actually propose a change to source files in repository.

We also open source application that convert our markdown files into website - If some visual improvements should be done - we may improve this app too

@bluefeet there is a discussion about using swagger for our API docs in if you are still interested.