Is there a size limit to your repository's?


I’m looking to setup a private repository for a large project for Unity which is 21gb in total and will become bigger.
Is there a limit to the free account as they say unlimited repository’s?
Or would I have to pay for a premium account?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

The repository size limit is 10GB: I don’t think it can be increased. You should host your binary files with Git LFS on some external storage.


Thanks for the response.
Would all the binary files then be stored locally for the LFS files? Not in the cloud?
You mention have some external storage. would a secondary internal drive on my pc where the project is held suffice or would a separate local server be needed to house them?
Sorry for all the questions, have used version control before but new to setting it up for a team.

If the files have to be available for the users (as I think they should) you need to host them somewhere accessible, so definitely not a PC, unless it is always available (and yet, I wouldn’t recommend it):

Probably the best way to go would be having your own Gitlab installation, so Gitlab can manage LFS for you, and you can have how much space as you want

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