Is there a tool for wiki image management

I have searched a solution to this issue but I could only find unanswered questions regarding this topic here or here.

We have set up a GitLab Server to be used within our organization and all is working. But since more and more people start to use it, we (the admins) would like to know where do all the drag&drop images used in the Wikis go? I have added a lot myself. Some are used, others are discarded.

So the questions are:

  • Is there any possibility to administrate the wiki images uploaded via drag&drop?
  • Is it possible to see which images are actually referenced and used and which are not?
  • Can unused images somehow be deleted or do they remain forever on the server?

GitLab’s wiki pages are stored in Git repositories.

When you visit a GitLab Wiki page, you can click the “Clone repository” link in the top-right of the page, then run the git clone … command to get a local copy of the complete wiki, including attached images. You can then browse the attached images in the cloned repo’s uploads folder. To determine whether a particular image is used, you could grep the Markdown files for references to it.

You can commit changes (such as deleting images) to the local Git repository and push the changes to the server. (That won’t reclaim disk space, though, since the image data is still present in the Git repository’s history. You may be able to use git filter-branch or to delete that data from history too.)