Is there a variable providing the URL to a project's pages?

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My organisation hosts GitLab ourselves. I have a project that uses pages which used to live at

but has been moved to

The project has a in the root of the repo and it has a link to some content that was published using gitlab pages. That link is:

however because of the project being moved the link needs to be:

Its a simple change to correct the link but it seems to me that I shouldn’t have to do this, it would be nice if the URL automatically reflected the fact that the project has been moved. I guess the way to do this would be using a variable that provides the root of the pages documentation (in this case the variable would return the value

Does such a variable exist? If not, is there a different way to achieve what i want to achieve here (i.e. always point to the correct pages URL, even if the project gets moved)?

We are using GitLab 12.10.2-ee.

Thank you in advance