Is there a way for async job for a pipeline but without block mr merge

i have a pipeline with maven build job and test job.
and this pipeline will be triggered after commit on one branch(such as feature/a)
however, the test job will take too long to run.

I want the mr (feature/a → master) should be merged ASAP.

how could i implement these:

  1. i only can merge when maven build job must be successful
  2. no care about test job finish or not

any suggestion?


Skipping tests would be generally a bad habit. I would suggest you to (long term) try to find ways how to speed up your tests (e.g. parallelize, etc).

In the meantime, you could probably do either:

  • Disable “Pipeline must succeed” option in the project settings
  • Add allow_failure: true to the test job → I’m not 100% sure if this would work, but worth a shot.

thanks for your reply

according my test,
if I disable “Pipeline must succeed”, the pipeline still show “Merge when pipeline success”

that means it still pending on the test job

and “allow_failure: true” just means i can merge even test is fail,