Is there a way to more easily flag cross-linked, blocking issues?

Hi, everyone. We use Gitlab a bit differently than I expect most companies do. We’re a publishing company and are using Gitlab to track each stage of our books development. Because of this, things go in a mandatory, single-file order of Task A > Task B > Task C > Task D > Task E > Task F, etc.

We want to start using the Crosslinking Issue feature to set up “dependencies” and show that Task B shouldn’t be started until Task A is closed. Task C shouldn’t be started until Task B is closed, etc.

We can do this all manually, but oftentimes, we have a chapter that might span 15 stages length-wise and then there are something like 65 chapters in the book, Meaning we’d need to set up 975 cross-linked dependencies.

What I’m hoping is for there to be a way to more easily do this.

We do mass upload our issues via CSV, so perhaps there’s a solution to be found there?