Is there a webhook trigger for approvals?

Feature: Webook trigger that runs automation after an approval button is pressed?

Use Case: Automation that runs after human approval and before the code is merged.

Reason: We want to catch issues with very comprehensive testing automation before it is merged. Nobody has the patience to run this automation during review jobs, but everyone wants it run before merging to master.


  • Why not simply run this automation in an MR for Deploy jobs?
    The code is merged before the webhook triggers our Deploy job. The assumption is that the code is ready for us to build an artifact, publish it, etc. This order of operation is the opposite of what we want.
  • Why not have another MR (x2 MRs) and run the automation in the 2nd one to get the job done?
    This approach is simply pushing the dirty commit to another branch and doesn’t catch the problem before it is merged into a branch.
  • Why not have your CI tool (travis, jenkins, etc.) trigger another job (upstream/downstream) ?
    We want to track the whole process in one MR so that there is a clear and distinct “trail” for all the work.