Is there anyways to reclaim the username?


I have created an account using the “sujitth” username but due to the error in the email id (missed the dot in the the account could t verify and activate as the email doesn’t reach me.

Now I have created an account using the proper email id, but the username is showing as taken.

Could the support team delete that username and make it available please?

Isn’t it a bug not catching the error in the email field?

Someone might have registered the ‘gmailcom’ tld, and created email addresses on it (you can do that), so what you entered might be valid, making it very hard to call it an error and “catch” it.

Note that tlds are expensive to register, so this will be an expensive way of typosquatting, but I guess it’s technically possible.

tld way wont work for me.

the system should have warned for the incorrect email address (check for ‘@’ & ‘.’ )

could the “Administrators” release the username (same as my forum id) so that I can rename it in my Gitlab account?

A part of my point was that there doesn’t have to be a ‘.’ in an email address, so it would be incorrect to check for that.

This issue has been resolved via the support ticket and got my user name back :grinning:

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