Is there something like a GitLab command prompt?

Hi, is there something like a GitLab command prompt? I mean a inline omnibox/searchbox to navigate gitlab. Something like the Alfred/Raycast apps but then “in site”.

I’m not completely sure what you want, but in pretty much any case, the answer is unfortunately no.

You can do somethings through the rails console, which is not particularly well documented, see:

Better documented is the API, but you’ll need to write your own tools for using it.

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Hi @grove, i build my own! :slight_smile: it’s like a omnibox/prompt, see the screenshots;

Send me a dm on twitter if you want to test it;

So it’s a chrome extension? I don’t use chromium (won’t touch the Google infested stuff that is chrome) for anything beyond what I have to, and that luckily does not include GitLab.

I’m also not on twitter (it’s not really a service I need, and just a USA’nian company trying to collect a lot of data about all of us). But if it is a browser extension I’m not even remotely interested anyway, what I might be able to use is a tool that allows me to control GitLab from the cli of the server it’s running on.