Is this a real git lab page too?

Can someone tell me if this a real gitlab page?

It doesn’t (fully) reply when I try now, so I’m guessing a bit. It is (was) probably a self-hosted instance of GitLab that is/was (partially) web-accessible, there’s probably a lot of those. Some organisations probably even want to have it that way, so there’s public access to (some of) their projects. As it says it’s a community edition, they don’t need to have told anybody (at GitLab or here, they should have told the people they wanted to use it) that they set that up.

So whether it’s “real” really depends on what you mean. It is/was probably real in the sense that it is/was the real GitLab product, but it (probably) wan’t real in the sense of being of being an official site provided/maintained by the company.

It just seems like an unmaintained gitlab CE installation. A very old one at that, probs running a version from - from the looks of it - about 2015? was probably deployed/used by some UNI laboratory (the subnet owner is China Internet Network Information Center, assigned to some Chinese Academy of Sciences - ref).

As @grove said, it depends on what you mean by “real” - it is real Gitlab software, it’s not an official instance provided by Gitlab inc. nor it is an official instance provided by Jihu (ref).

Ok thankyou you answered my question i ment actually part of git lab as in official