Is TRIGGER_PAYLOAD not available in rules or workflows in version 13?

I try to read the payload data from the file to start a specific job when a specific branch is pushed in a remote repository and call my gitlab-ci inside my repository by using a webhook.

An example:
Repository A is used for insert version numbers.
Repository B is to build the tool.
Repo A take a push event webhook when a commit commes in.
Repo should read the payload → ref: refs/heads/BRANCH and start a job by matching the rules:

  • if: $PAYLOAD =~ “refs/heads/BRANCH”

but it looks so as the payload is not available when the ci process check the incoming request.

Can anyone confirm this?
At moment we use 13.11.9 at prod and 14.0.2 in qa

In qa it looks like workflows can hande PAYLOAD but not inside rules.