Issue Management In a Air Gaped Environment

I am looking to use gitlab for a repository and issues management server in a air gaped engineering environment. There are may time when we want to review the issues list in a corporate conf. room with no access to the gitlab server. I would love to be able to effectively
1-export the list as a file from the secure environment,
2-take the file to my corp machine and restore it
3- review, modify, add and update issues
4-export again from the corporate machine
5-take the file back on a thumb drive and restore it back in the main respository.

I am not concerned about changes made to the main repo while i am reviewing the copy.

There is an export and import function from what i can see but it is not sufficient…import only takes name and description…images are not supported, comments lost etc.

Any suggestions? Any best practices for use cases in an isolated environment?

Thanks in advance