Issue search filter (using labels) doesn't work as expected: labels selected to be ignored are not ignored!

In my list of issues, I need to search/filter by label. Sometimes this doesn’t work as expected.

The screenshot below shows a filter which should exclude anything with the label “Status-Paused”, but you can see all the hits have that label.

I just tried it in GNOME’s GitLab instance (, in the “Files” issue list, and everything filtered as expected.

I wonder if perhaps the dashes in those tag names are throwing things off? Maybe the filter tokens are being split incorrectly? GNOME’s tags have spaces in them, so they’re protected because they end up getting quoted when they’re used as filters.

(Edit: Also, at the risk of asking a dumb question, are you sure you’d remembered to execute the search, after adding that last label to it? Searches don’t automatically refresh when you change the parameters, you have to hit Enter again in the search field to actually execute the search. I’ve tripped over that a few times myself.)

Hi - definitely executed the search (it’s a stored URL in a document elsewhere).

We see the problem with other labels too: Priority-High.

Our labels do use dashes as you noted; however it seems to work for most of the labels most of the time. (This Status-Paused problem is new - it was working fine for many many months!)

Another example of the same problem:

Here I’m trying to show ONLY the issues with the Status-Paused label. None are found.

Hmm. Just as something to try, what if you quote the tag?

Label = ~"Status-Paused"

Obviously if it’s necessary, that should be happening automatically, but at least it’d explain why things differ between GNOME’s instance and yours.

Hi, Gitlab seems strip the quotes - so it doesn’t make any difference.

The odd thing is that most of the labels work fine. For example, my “Priority-Medium” label works, but “Priority-High” does not. “Severity-2_High” works ok.

There’s no pattern I’ve been able to discern.

Various other projects I’ve tested it on seem to be fine too - it’s only this one that shows the problem.