Issue Tracker: Add Issue State(s)?


we are using gitlab for development of a small software product at the moment.

Our workflow is as follows:

a) testers test the code and create bug reports / issues in gitlab
b) developers fix the bugs
c) testers recheck the issues and verify that they are fixed in the way they want it to be fixed

For this workflow it would be very helpful if there are at least three issue states:

  • open
  • ready-for-testing
  • closed

Unfortunately gitlab allows only open/closed. Is there any way to define more issue states without fiddling in the source code of gitlab?

Thanks for your help,


While you can use labels for this, it is a poor mans solutions in a longer term. The best option would be to add user definable states, but I can get away with just those 3 mentioned, however it will not fit every workflow.