Issue with 2FA

I lost the recovery codes for 2FA and I can not enter GitLab, since the support does not respond to free users, I decided to pay a subscription for a month to solve the problem.
But it turned out I can not pay for the subscription, because first I have to log in to GitLab.

A kind of vicious circle turns out.
How can you break this problem down?

Please, before you offer to search the forum, then delve into the essence of the problem.

My problem is that I can’t even pay for the subscription.
I never found a solution to this situation on the forum.

That’s because there is no other solution than what everyone has experienced so far and what we have to keep repeating on here.

If you had an SSH key on your account then you could reset it yourself.

Thanks, Is very bad that they don’t have a paid support :confused: