Issue with authentication against the project registry

Hi all,
I have an issue on Hopefully, someone has a hint.

I’m using gitlab-ci-token with CI_JOB_TOKEN to authenticate against my project registry. Which worked perfectly for some time now. Until 2 weeks my CI Job isn’t able to authenticate anymore. The same code is running without any issues on my Gitlab CE. It’s just on

mkdir -p /root/.docker echo “{“auths”:{”$CI_REGISTRY":{“username”:“gitlab-ci-token”,“password”:"CI_JOB_TOKEN\"}}}" > /root/.docker/config.json sed -i “s/microscanner_key/$microscanner_key/g” CI_PROJECT_DIR/curl/Dockerfile /kaniko/executor --skip-tls-verify --context $CI_PROJECT_DIR/curl --dockerfile ./Dockerfile --destination $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/curl:latest

2019/01/25 07:12:51 existing blob: sha256:cd784148e3483c2c86c50a48e535302ab0288bebd587accf40b714fffd0646b3
error pushing image: failed to push to destination UNAUTHORIZED: “authentication required”
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

Any hints?

This issue is fixed. Kaniko now uses /kaniko/.docker/config.json instead of /root/.docker/config.json.