Issue with my static gitlab page

As the title implies, i have been having some issues with my static gitlab pages, in summary, i tried doing my webpage forking Nuxt, which ended like this

after that, i talked to a friend, about the issue, he had the same issue, and in fact, found the same issue on the forum, also, about my webpage, it had no domain… so i stopped using it

on the other hand, today i tried making my web page forking the plain html project
following all the steps described on
and here
which resulted pretty well
until i checked the link
and the link was this “” clicked it and got a 404 error
ignored it, and changed the name of the repo, as depicted in the tutorial
changing it to personal page
clicked the link, both links
and error 404 again
checked the repo, and i see no problem on there… so…
Could someone assist me here?