Issue with SSL cert and intermediate CA

Hello All,
I am having an issue with getting an SSL cert to work correctly with Gitlab. We have a certificate issues from DigiCert that requires an Intermediate CA. I have concatenated the intermediate certification along the the root CA cert into a single file which I have then placed into the /etc/gitlab/trsuted-certs folder. I then gitlab reconfigure and restart successfully, but when the page is brought up, the certificate is shown as invalid and the certificate path just shows the server cert, but not the Intermediate and root CA. What am I doing incorrectly here? Thanks you for your time.

I should add that I have looked at both
which did not seem to help.

Hello, trust-certs is a directory where you put new root-CA certificates GitLab should trust when acting as client, i.e. when you have an internal bugtracker with a SSL certificate from a company CA and you want GitLab commits to show up as comment in bug tickets.

You may store your public key with the intermediate concatenated anywhere.

E.g. use /etc/ssl/private/myinstance.crt and /etc/ssl/private/myinstance.key

Edit gitlab.rb, point to these files and call gitlab-ctl reconfigure.

One caveat: look at your concatenated crt. The end line of your certificate with the dashes and the start line of the intermediate with the dashes MUST be separated with a line feed.

Then edit /etc/gitlab.rb and look for the