Issue with stucked runner when building C library

Hello! I have a problem when building C library as part of my CI/CD for windows. My windows runner is set-up to use powershell. We also use conan package manager fir building C/C++ libraries. Conan has a special ‘create’ command which executes necessary processes to build library. When this command is invoked by CI job, it hangs up. I can see, that cl.exe (windows C compiler) is executing, but no progress can be seen. If I kill cl.exe manually on runner’s machine, then build process somehow unfreezes and continues as usual. then stucks again, then unfreezes (if cl.exe is killed), etc. I suppose that the problem is in my runner/CI settings, because if I login to runner’s machine (using the same username as for runner), open powershell and perform the same command, everything looks fine. Maybe someone can give an advice where to search for solution, because I’ve already updated all my build environment and nothing helps. Thanks in advance.

Hi @pananton
from the official docs:
On Windows the Gitlab runner may be running as a service and not have a home directory, in which case you need to set a custom value for CONAN_USER_HOME .

Thanks for advice! I belived that it will help, but no (
I’ve set CONAN_USER_HOME and even CONAN_USER_HOME_SHORT but the same error appears. I can see, that custom home directories are used (conan is initialized there, and creates local cache there), so I’m sure that I’ve set them correctly.