Issue with using Sourcetree in combination with Gitlab (Organizations)

While using Sourcetree as a Git GUI in combination with Sourcetree, me and my team keep having issues with the projects that are within our organizations. Instead of them displaying properly, you first have to start of unticking ‘Show Organization Repos’ and after a while ticking it again. It then shows every single project within the organizations. When trying to sort by what group they are in and search through them, it breaks again and shows an empty list. Searching is somewhat possible by first typing in your query and then unticking - ticking the ‘Show Organization Repos’ (which then properly reloads the list).

I’m assuming this is an issue from Gitlab (or with combination with Sourcetree) since other remotes do seem to work properly. Any ideas on how to fix the Gitlab integration? We prefer everything else that Gitlab offers.

For extra information, we are running on the regular instance so no self-hosting. If this would however fix the issue it’s something we’d consider.