Issues after server migration

Hi together,

I moved my gitlab instance from One server to a new one (Docker Setup) by using the backup import.

Works fine so far.

I have only three issues

  1. First is a Mixted content issue: This issue is only present on the issue board page.
    url: /webseite_de_en_blog/-/boards/5


Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://DOMAIN/webseite_de_en_blog/-/boards/5’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet ‘http://DOMAIN/assets/highlight/themes/dark-4cc9557f25ca3af5956cef153e6242f0c08171ba11f5da909cd949ef9205a221.css’. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

Any hint how I can solve this?

  1. Second:
    also only present on board page the avatars ar not loaded, I got this error:

URL is this … http://a3f0d7d214df/uploads/-/system/user/avatar/132/avatar.png?width=24 Don’t know from here it comes … maybe old docker container host name? Can I change this?

  1. Notifications are not sent … Nothing changed on settings in gitlab_rb any hints?

I am happy about every tip. Thanks a lot in advance.

For point 1, check gitlab.rb to see if you have external_url configured correctly to use HTTPS - also check certificate settings in the file. Mixed content would most likely be because of this I expect. Unless you are reverse proxying from HTTPS --> HTTP (commonly known as SSL offload) with the use of Apache/Nginx/HAProxy before the gitlab instance under docker. But without knowing more details about your setup, difficult to say if it’s this. More likely the external_url.

Point 2 could be related to the external_url, when attempting to load a http resource when https was expected.

Point 3, check email/smtp settings in gitlab.rb. If nothing set, either needs to be configured to use an SMTP server, or need to run locally postfix or something like that for the emails to be sent.

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