Issues after upgrade to CI 9.5.4 fbffc27 (nginx conflict / blank branch graph) SOLVED

After last couple of upgrades (apt-get upgrade),

  1. multiple copies of nginx seem to be working but only one is hooked up to gitlab so I have to go in and kill-9 a random set of them to get the gitlab site to be viewable again (at least two recent upgrades)

  2. after most recent upgrade (see topic line) things work OK but the “graph” function (new usage meaning the branching graph) shows up blank. That is, the page displays and you can select branch name, but the big central area where the graph is supposed to show is blank.

Any ideas?


Issue #1 (blank graph) is solved:

most recently sudo apt-get upgrade was failing on nginx package(s). The solution was to do:

gitlab-ctl stop
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
gitlab-ctl start

Graph came back! Seems to have fixed issue #1 as well but not sure if that will come back.