Issues assigned to me don't show up as todos

There are a number of issues from several project assigned to me, but they don’t show up as ‘todos’

I read this article:

When an issue or merge request is assigned to you, or when you are @mentioned
in a comment, this triggers a notification and you may get an e-mail,
depending on your notification settings. Starting from GitLab 8.5, these
actions will also add a notice in your Todos list, which you can access
by clicking the round gray icon next to the search bar in the upper
right corner.

I have no round gray icon like in the article, but I do have a ‘Todos’ item with a zero behind it in my left menu bar.

Gitlab CE 8.8.0 d957dfb on Debian 8.

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Also have this problem, has a solution been found?

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