Issues sync -> Google Sheets for weekly planning?


I’ve been looking for a quick way to sync milestones & issues (with due-dates) to say Google Sheets.

The use-case is to easily being able to create a weekly task-list for each team member.

Sometimes there might be more tasks in gitlab than would fit for one person that specific week, usually planned for each day of the week, monday, task x, y, tuesday-wednesday: longer task z… etc. Then the coming week, it’s a good too to simply check agains that list what got done.

I know some might be doable with Gitlab issues itself, but since the Issue Board is global to the project, I need a way to break it down by user and segment it to a specific week. Maybe there are ways to do this already via some 3rd party tool?

This isn’t a solution currently, but Zapier has an upcoming GitLab integration that might do the trick for you once it’s completed.

could the gitlab pages be used to run a job that generates .ics files periodically?