Issues with local runners using

We currently use (SaaS) to manage our repositories and use onsite runners for our CI/CD pipelines. We recently started having an issue with the jobs completing in GitLab. The runner picks up the job and completes correctly (based on the expected time the job should take), but the results are not getting posted back into GitLab.

This means that the job logs do not get updated, usually just show a few of the job opening lines such as downloading docker image, cloning repo etc, but none of the job information, and GitLab does not register the job as completed.

The runners are executed in docker containers.

The error we receive is
ERROR: Appending trace to coordinator… error couldn’t execute PATCH against Patch “”: EOF runner=

Has anybody else experienced this?
Also, has anybody issued a PATCH command to a job log without it coming from the job, or can I found what the PATCH command and contents are that are attempting to be executed?


Hiya, maybe try this fix out and see if it’s the same issue? The CI/CD Pipeline suddenly fails without any changes done to the repository - #2 by gkinsman

Hiya, thanks for this, gave it a go but didn’t solve the issue