It's a FaviContest! Design the Forum's New Favicon!

:exclamation: Calling all creators: it’s time for an art contest! :exclamation: :art:

A Favicon contest… a FaviContest, if you will… let me explain…

As you may have noticed, GitLab has updated some of its Favicons so it’s easier to differentiate between browser tabs when you are working within GitLab.

This forum currently uses the same Tanuki Favicon as, and we think it might be fun to switch it up, with your help of course!

The FaviContest

Design a new favicon image for our Forum’s browser tab, and if your design has the most votes, you win! Your design will be our new Favicon on the forum tab!

Contest Steps

  1. Design a GitLab Forum themed Favicon
  2. Reply to this thread and share your Favicon design
  3. A forum moderator will add a poll to your entry post
  4. The Favicon with the most votes wins! :ballot_box_with_check:

The contest ends on Aug 1 2020, so get your FaviContest designs created and posted ASAP to ensure that the community has time to vote for you! (You can also share a link to your FaviContest submission on Twitter, LinkedIn, at work, etc!)

Don’t forget to post AND vote for your favorites! If you need inspiration, be sure to check out the other topics in our Fan Art forum category!

Official Rules

  1. All FaviContest submissions must adhere to GitLab’s Code of Conduct Guidelines
  2. All FaviContest submissions must also follow GitLab’s Creative Brand Guidelines (especially when working with our beloved Tanuki Logo).

Happy FaviContest-ing! Now go create something awesome! :fox_face:



I tried to keep the same style as the other favicons. I was in doubt about the symbol to represent the forum, because it can be confused with some chat tool or something. However, I think the decision was at least consistent. I tested it, and that shade of green looks good on a light and dark background.

Here’s the mockup:


Vote for @suilno! :white_check_mark:

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Hello there! This is my design :slight_smile:

I decided to round off the favicon to denote friendliness, comfort and openness, for that same reason I chose the orange color, which is also part of GitLab. The two balloons of dialogue, which conveys Gitlab’s primary intention: communication within its community. We also find the emblem illustration that distinguishes the company, the tanuki. <3

This is how it would look like on the browser tabs


Hi! I love this! I wish your design wins :smiley:


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Hi there, this is my submission for the favicon. Hope you like it!


Vote for @arnovanliere :white_check_mark:

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I like your favicon for the forum’s browser tab a lot. Especially the different color makes it easier to differentiate between the tabs.
Good luck!

Here’s My Submission! I’m going to submit it here as a PNG. If you need something else let me know


Vote for @KleinKravis :white_check_mark:

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You and your favicon have won the FaviContest!

Check your DMs—I sent you a note! :blush: Thank you so much for your wonderful design - I am thrilled to see this live!

Thank you to our other participants: @KleinKravis @arnovanliere @suilno! I loved them all and am glad I didn’t have to be the one to choose; I wouldn’t have been able to decide!

Stay tuned for more contests like this in the future!