I've added a member to my project as a developer but he cant push to an unprotected branch

I tried to make a new branch which is not protected and told my developer to try to make changes and push into it and he got this error:

remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for ‘https://gitlab.com/sahkan/oldschoolnightmare.git/

Pushing to https://gitlab.com/sahkan/oldschoolnightmare.git
Completed with errors, see above.

I’m new to Gitlab. what am I missing?

Hi sahkan1,

It might be an issue an issue with credentials.

Can you please have the developer try a git operation with this GitLab.com repository, but prefix the command with:
For example:
GIT_TRACE=1 http://gitlab.com/sahkan/oldschoolnightmare.git/
This should produce a detailed “trace” of everything that occurs - including information about the error and what is causing it.

If copy/paste the output, I can help you diagnose the problem and suggest a solution.

If it is an issue with credentials, one possible solution can be found here:

A quick solution is to add an SSH key for your developer and have them use SSH instead of HTTP for repository access. https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/ssh/README.html

What operating system is your developer running?

All the best,
Greg M - “GitLab Greg”

Ok, it required a credentials reset, thanks.

@sahkan1 I thought it was a credentials problem, glad to hear the issue has been resolved!