Jenkins CI not appearing in my project under Settings --> Integrations

If I log in as root I can find the Jenkins CI plugin (the legacy Jenkins CI (deprecated) is also there) in GitLab under Service Templates and I can configure it there. However nothing happens when I make changes to the code even in GitLab web IDE. When I look in my individual projects under Settings --> Integrations I don’t see Jenkins CI listed.

How do I either get this appearing under each project or working appropriately?

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Could you tell us a bit more about your setup? For instance, the GitLab version you are using would be good to know. Omnibus install? Docker? GitLab CE or GitLab EE? In general, the more context information you add, the more chances someone can jump in and help, with less back and forth communication.

I’m not sure I understand this. Which code are you referring to?

Thanks for the reply. Is there a command / prescribed way I can run to get you an audit of my setup?

I’m on GitLab EE (11.3.6). I’m not sure if it’s an omnibus install, I am pretty sure I installed it via aptitude package manager.

What I mean here is that when I make a code change to one of my projects in GitLab it doesn’t trigger a Jenkins build. I have tried to configure the Jenkins CI plugin but it doesn’t appear under my individual projects integrations section. I can only see this plugin when I go in as an admin, I enter options there but they would surely be global and not project specific.

I am basically trying to achieve this

But the Jenkins plugin only appears when i’m an admin user under Service Templates and not within my individual projects.

Here’s one quick way to get the GitLab version:

grep gitlab-[ce]e /opt/gitlab/version-manifest.txt

Here’s a slower way, but with more info:

gitlab-rake gitlab:env:info

Both of these commands need to be executed as root or with sudo. For a full listing of all GitLab components’ versions, you could use cat /opt/gitlab/version-manifest.txt

The next key question is, are you using a Starter license or higher? As per the Jenkins CI Service documentation, the feature is only available on Starter/Bronze subscriptions and up.

Thanks again.

I think this is the issue, I’m not on starter / bronze or higher. Shame, was wanting to try out the direct integration but not essential.

Ah, that makes it clear, then. If it’s just a matter of testing the Jenkins integration, you can do a free trial of Ultimate. Or you might want to replace Jenkins with GitLab’s native CI, which is available on all free plans.