Job artifacts are not deleted using the Gitlab API to remove pipelines

Good morning!

We have a script to delete old pipelines and keep just the last 50 in each project. This script is run every week.

After running it multiple times we noticed an issue when using the GitLab API for Pipelines (Pipelines API | GitLab) as the number of job artifacts is not decreasing even in the “usage quotas section” we see a decrease in the storage related to job artifacts of about 140GB.

We expected the API to delete each pipeline + jobs + job artifacts contained as per the documentation, but seems to not be working like that.

We use this method to DELETE pipelines (python):


Has anyone had the same problem? Do you have any other ideas on how to maintain the jobs artifacts of the Gitlab instance?

Any idea on how to delete job artifacts if their jobs/pipelines have already been removed? They should have been deleted too, but…

Thank you for your collaboration and have a nice day!