Job Stuck in pipelines

pipeline throwing the stuck error

Hi @premkumar, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum!

Often this occurs when there are no gitlab-runners available to run the job. This could mean that there are no shared/group/project runners available, or that the runners you do have available aren’t allowed to run untagged jobs.

Can you please share some additional details to help troubleshoot the problem?

  • Is problem happening on a self-managed GitLab and Gitlab Runner or on using shared runners?
  • Is there any job trace or log from the job?
  • If using self-managed GitLab & Runners - Can you check <external_url>/admin/runners to see if your runners are using tags and if they have “Can run untagged jobs” set to no.
  • If using and shared runners - can you check your project and group settings to ensure that either Shared runners, Group runners, or project-Specific runners are available and able to run untagged jobs?

Thanks in advance,