Job stuck stuck in pending, is it possible to work without runners?

I am working with Gitlab CI for a year and it is amazing.
I have 3 servers: production, dev, and gitlab
I just tried to create a new project and it is stuck on pending.
I understand that I need to setup a runner in order to run tests on the site code.
I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to work without runners? just push and update the data?
  2. I understand the need for tests, but what test do I have to do in a Drupal site?
    It fills like there is no good tutorial to understand what runners are and how to set them up.


If you don’t want to use a runner, another option might be webhooks: go the the following uri in your install: /help/user/project/integrations/webhooks

I son’t have an answer for your second question, I suppose you can all the test you want, which can be none. But that is hardly an answer that will bring you further :slight_smile:

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Auto DevOps is turned on by default - you can turn it off by going to

Project > Settings > CI/CD > Auto DevOps