Jobs with no 'only' don't run for merge request

I have several stages some which should always run so have no ‘only’ restriction.

I added a stage that should only run for merge requests:
- merge_requests

The other stages that have no restrictions don’t run. I would expect these to run as well.

To run jobs in MR they must have the respective only or rules configuration. This is documented here.

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That makes it difficult to have it run always, including during a MR.
Thanks for your help.

We are working through an issue I was hoping to get some advice / ideas on the best way to solve. In our pipeline we currently have environments in NonProduction scheduled to stop after an hour of no commit activity. This is working great but we want to expand this based on rules that would allow us to extend this time when the environment is being used by QA, etc.

Hi @pefijo3015

You might want to start a new topic for this, because it’s quite different to the OP.

I don’t believe you can use variables with expire_in, there’s a list of where variables can be used here. Without variables, I can’t think of an easy way to do what you’re looking for, but someone else might have a neat idea.