Joseph - Researcher on the HESTIA Project

:mortar_board: Joseph working on the project

:mortar_board: Part of the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford

:mortar_board: HESTIA is a platform that allows researchers and producers across the agricultural supply-chain to share data on the environmental impacts of different food products and production practices

:mortar_board: We are building new technology to communicate food sustainability information to other food producers, researchers, consumers, and governments

:mortar_board: Further information about HESTIA is available at:

:mortar_board: No questions for the community at present, but finding GitLab very powerful.


Welcome @josephpoore! The work you’re doing sounds super interesting :smiley: – food sustainability is such an important topic. Awesome that you’re using GitLab for the project!

See you around the forum!

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Welcome, @josephpoore! Thanks for sharing HESTIA with us! It is great to see GitLab being used for scientific research! I already have some ideas for a blog post from your project. Please reach out if you need anything!

Welcome @josephpoore :slight_smile: In my previous job, I got into contact with folks of & /PecanProject. Maybe these projects are of interest to you?

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Thank you for these links Katrin :~) I will definitely check them out.