K8s executor - namespaces for non k8s environments

We’ve using helm chart to provision gitlab runners. Our jobs deploying changes into the cloud environments, not k8s cluster.

Two problems:
Problem #1

On the Operations/Environments I see this:

Kubernetes deployment not foundTo see deployment progress for your environments, make sure you are deploying to `$KUBE_NAMESPACE` and annotating with `app.gitlab.com/app=$CI_PROJECT_PATH_SLUG` and `app.gitlab.com/env=$CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG` .

Why and what to do with it?

Problem #2
Despite the fact that in helm config I set:

     environment = ["FF_GITLAB_REGISTRY_HELPER_IMAGE=true"]
        helper_image = "registry.gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/gitlab-runner-helper:x86_64-latest"
        image_pull_secrets = ["regcred"]
        namespace = "gitlab"
        privileged = true
        poll_interval = 5
        poll_timeout = 3600

and all job pods are running inside the gitlab ns for each env a new empty namespace is creating in the format: “project-projectid-envname”
Why and how to avoid this?