KAS not starting on fresh Omnibus installation

Hello there,

on my freshly installed GitlabEE 15.1.2 via Debian package / Omnibus installer on plain Debian 11.4, the gitlab-kas service refuses to start. I am using all default settings (except from the external_url of course, and with letsencrypt disabled).

When everything is set up and git gitlab-ctl reconfigure is finished, gitlab-ctl status shows all services being up except the gitlab-kas service.

In the logfile in /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-kas/current show many lines of the following (about one per second):

2022-07-13_13:36:29.03612 Program aborted: kascfg.Validate: invalid ConfigurationFile.Gitlab: embedded message failed validation | caused by: invalid GitLabCF.Address: value length must be at least 1 bytes

My research in the code and in the file system finally led me to the file /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-kas/gitlab-kas-config.yml. In there, the gitlab block looks like this:

  authentication_secret_file: /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-kas/authentication_secret_file

Filling in this address with localhost:8150 fixes the problem and the services comes up and stays up. I could reproduce this on a fresh installation of the system. Downgrading gitlab to 15.1.1 and running gitlab-ctl reconfigure brings no luck.

Essentially what I need here is some advice if there is something I can tweak or check for weird edge cases on my systems, and/or a place where to report an issue (is this the gitlab project? bc the kascfg structure is defined somewhere in the gitlab-agent project? And also, this might relate to debian packaging or omnibus installation, where should I report problems here?).