Kaspersky blocks gitlab-ci for Windows because it is a Trojan.Win32.Ebowla.ara trojan/malware?

Hi there!
I wanted to test gitlab-ci on my windows machine, so I downloaded it from this link as described in this documentation.

However, once the file is downloaded, Kaspersky Enpoint Security 10 for Windows (version AES256) deletes it and shows the following notification:

When I click on “Details…” it shows me:

Programm: Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host
Benutzer: company\alex (Aktiver Benutzer)
Komponente: Datei-Anti-Virus
Ergebnis: Gefunden: Trojan.Win32.Ebowla.ara
Objekt: C:\users\alex\downloads\gitlab-ci-multi-runner-windows-386.exe.part
Grund: Lokale Datenbanken
Datenbanken vom: 19.04.2017 08:28:00

That is really really weird guys…

And unfortunately, I cannot deactivate antivirus protection on my company laptop (also, I really do not want to do it)

Seriously guys - no answer at all? This is a serious issue :astonished: