GitLab for electronics projects

I want to introduce myself and what I am doing with GitLab CE. I am electronic engineer and have been working for a number of years on making it easier to share open source hardware electronics projects. The work as culminated in a web service called where creators can package up an electronic design and others can easily get the parts they need to replicate it.

The site is what some people would call static and others a JAMStack architecture. Right now it works by building all the content from publicly accessible Git repositories. There is no login or hosting of projects yet.

I am currently working on using GitLab as an authentication and Git hosting service. I plan to make heavy use of the API and allow people to upload files and make changes through my web interface (a lot of electronic engineers don’t know how and don’t want to know how to use Git).

All this work is open source and you can get an overview from the frontend code repository.

I think what I am doing is somewhat similar to but for electronic engineering and I am glad that it fits within GitLab’s big hairy audacious goal.

Our BHAG is to become the most popular collaboration tool for knowledge workers in any industry. For this, we need to make the git workflow much more user friendly. The great thing is that sites like Penflip are already building on GitLab to make it.

So thanks to all the developers for all the code and all the other people working to promote and spread GitLab. If you have any comments or suggestions don’t hesitate to respond below.