Knowing the changed files and there changed content (wom)

Hi there,

I am working localy on the same branch as the repository on (the Saas free trial 30 days option)
(no new branche)

Here the result of a git status

C:\Users\wom\snap\java\marc\dame8>git status
« On branch main
Your branch is behind ‘origin/main’ by 1 commit, and can be fast-forwarded. »

I changed something in the Gitlab Project on the gitlab platform in a texte file with the integrated edit option of that file and commited it from the editor.

I would like to know what file(s) has changed and what has changed inside of these files
from my local clone copy and on my local directory .
I tried a lot of things like « git log » and « git diff » but never get the reponse i am taking about.

But when i do a « git pull » , i get the file that have changed.

So what can i do to have the same result as a « git pull » but without pulling
just to know what files have changed, whithout loading anything ?

Thanks for all

Try git diff main origin/main :+1: