Kubernetes cluster not detected when environment scope specified

The following snippet is in my .gitlab-ci.yml

    - echo "Deploying to $CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG..."
    name: staging
    url: http://$AUTO_DEVOPS_DOMAIN
    kubernetes: active

When I change the environment scope variable for my Kubernetes cluster to staging from *, the stage is no longer recognized.

I can get it to work by removing the kubernetes: active line but I would prefer if I could keep it without specifying a kubernetes environment with an environment scope of *.

Is there anything else that is required for this to work correctly?

I have started a Gitlab.com Gold trial.

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Same here. When I tried to setup multiple kubernetes and the moment I set environment scope for a kubernetes cluster, it seems that the cluster becomes absent and silence all review/deploy jobs.

I also started trial on GitLab ultimate, they sent me several emails asking me how Iā€™m doing and if I need any help etc etc. And I asked them about this issue and ask how I can setup environment scoped k8s. No replies whatsoever.

Same here.

After some investigation we concluded that kubernetes cluster with environment scope * in subgroup is obligatory for correct work with Gitlab CI. There is no document where this fact would be declared explicitly. The only what we managed to find is Environments and deployments | GitLab