Kubernetes drain node - error: cannot delete Pods with local storage


So I managed to install Gitlab running on kubernetes in my Lab. Now it’s time to patch my K8s nodes. So I tried to drain the node prior updating and rebooting and get this message:

error: cannot delete Pods with local storage (use --delete-emptydir-data to override): gitlab/gitlab-gitlab-exporter-74648454d5-jxtgl, gitlab/gitlab-kas-7b96dd4749-mn4fc, gitlab/gitlab-registry-85b585d7cf-4fqd8, gitlab/gitlab-sidekiq-all-in-1-v2-5b5c76f98b-zfpph, gitlab/gitlab-toolbox-f5fc9bd88-v6nrq, gitlab/gitlab-webservice-default-5fb455d4c-zl7v7

Are these considered to be temporary storage and I can just delete them?

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