Laravel GitLab CI deploy doesn't apply changes

I’m trying to CI deploy laravel project using this tutorial:

Changes are pushes to the remote server, all changes, artisan cache clearing are completed successfully.
Also, all files are updated (I’ve manually checked and compare).

But when we check the project in web browser, it’s old without any changes…

So what we are dong wrong?
Remote server: Ubunu 16, Nginx

My envoy blade file here:

@servers(['web' => 'deployer@'])

    $repository = '    $repository = '{{-- repository name hidden --}}.git';
    $releases_dir = '/var/www/{{-- appdir hidden --}}/releases';
    $app_dir = '/var/www/{{-- appdir hidden --}}';
    $release = date('YmdHis');
    $new_release_dir = $releases_dir .'/'. $release;


    echo 'Cloning repository'
    [ -d {{ $releases_dir }} ] || mkdir {{ $releases_dir }}
    git clone {{ $repository }} {{ $new_release_dir }}

    echo "Starting deployment ({{ $release }})"
    cd {{ $new_release_dir }}
    composer install --prefer-dist --no-scripts -q -o

    echo "Changing storage and storage permissions"
    cd {{ $app_dir }}
    chown -R deployer:www-data storage
    chmod -R 775 storage

    echo "Changing cache and storage permissions"
    cd {{ $new_release_dir }}
    chown -R $USER:www-data bootstrap/cache
    chmod -R 775 bootstrap/cache

    echo "Linking storage directory"
    rm -rf {{ $new_release_dir }}/storage
    ln -nfs {{ $app_dir }}/storage {{ $new_release_dir }}/storage

    echo 'Linking .env file'
    ln -nfs {{ $app_dir }}/.env {{ $new_release_dir }}/.env

    echo 'Linking current release'
    ln -nfs {{ $new_release_dir }} {{ $app_dir }}/current

    echo "Clearing laravel cache"

    rm -f {{ $new_release_dir }}/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php {{ $new_release_dir }}/bootstrap/cache/config.php {{ $new_release_dir }}/bootstrap/cache/routes.php {{ $new_release_dir }}/bootstrap/cache/services.json {{ $new_release_dir }}/bootstrap/cache/packages.php

    php {{ $new_release_dir }}/artisan config:cache
    php {{ $new_release_dir }}/artisan route:clear
    php {{ $new_release_dir }}/artisan view:clear
    php {{ $new_release_dir }}/artisan clear-compiled

    cd {{ $new_release_dir }}
    composer dump-auto

    php {{ $new_release_dir }}/artisan cache:clear

    echo 'All Cleared'


i would check nginx config file to make sure you point to the right place.

go on your server and edit something on homepage and see if that changes

I’ve already done that. For example there is a robots.txt in /current/public dir. So I’ve changed it directly from console and all changes were applied.

does your file structure the same as the screenshot?

Yes, it’s the same