Latex project gitlab-ci place of artifacts (pdf)?

Hello everybody,

I manage to make my LaTeX project with gitlab-ci and it’s works, the problem is that I cannot access on my pdfs artifacts…

My content of .gitlab-ci.yml

    image: pritunl/archlinux
        - export DIR=/builds/benoitldr/cours-maths
        - pacman -S --noconfirm git base-devel texlive-most
        - git clone
        - export TEXMFHOME=$DIR/beamerarticle-teacher/texmf
        - export GITLAB=$DIR
        - cd 1718-vox
        - make stud-recursive
        untracked: true
          - "1718-vox/*/*/build/*.pdf"
      or - "*.pdf*
      or - "*/*/*/build/*.pdf"

in directory, the pdf files are always in */*/*/build/*.pdf, I didn’t find the right pattern to have access on my pdfs…

second question : is there a way to access (public) to the last pdf artifacts (for my student) ?

Thanks you in advance !