LDAP migration issue in GITLAB CE

Currently we have integrated our gitlab-ce with LDAP and now we are trying to migrate our existing AD to new domain but we are facing issues while trying to integrate the new AD which is on different domain.

  • It creates a new username with new AD and due to this existing users are not able to access the projects which they were having before on old AD.
  • I have gone through the official gitlab document for LDAP integration and found that the email-id should same while migrating in order to have the same username but as we are migrating our AD to new domain it is not possible to maintain the same email-id as of old one.

So, requesting to provide a solution on how LDAP can be migrated to different domain without affecting the existing project access? Can someone help here please? Is there any way to skip email-id?

Yea, It’d be nice if we got some feedback on this topic, since now, I’m facing the same scenario.