LDAP query without Simple Paged Result Control

I have a GitLab server installation based on the Docker Image 16.6.0 and would like to connect it to an IAM system using LDAPS.

The technical requirements (network connection, BIND user) are met, the connection can be established and queries can be sent.

Unfortunately, the IAM system responds to the search query sent by the GitLab server with error code 12 (unavailableCriticalExtension). This is probably due to the controls set in the query (Simple Paged Result), which are obviously not supported by the IAM system.

Is it possible to configure the GitLab server so that the LDAP query is sent without the mentioned control?

Below is an excerpt from the LDAP server log file.

Controls # :1
Ctrl Type :1.2.840.113556.1.4.319 (Simple Paged Result)
Critical :no
Ctrl Val(len):7
Bytes Received :146
Bytes Returned :57
PDUs Returned :1
Socket Mode :ssl
Cached Result :no (hash:0)
Abandoned :no
Result Code :12 (unavailableCriticalExtension)