LDAP users first time login(using API) to GITLAB

Hi Team,

I have a use case where i need to make my users from LDAP (which is connected to GITLAB) to login to GITLAB for first time using programmatic method/API (except GUI) before actual users start using them via GUI.
Any help/guidance on this would be useful .
Please let me know for any more details.

Can you explain why because this doesn’t make sense. To connect via API requires a personal access token to be created, and requires an account to be created in Gitlab, either local or LDAP. And if that account exists, then it’s already active.

So it doesn’t make sense what you are trying to achieve and why you would want to do such a thing in the first place.

Look at it this way - I am an Admin and in my LDAP i have users like operator , maintainer , service user etc which are synced with GITLAB , although if any new users gets added to my LDAP i want to make first time login with this new user in GITLAB. The reason of doing this - i have 3rd party Software which when searches for a user in gitlab it doesn’t finds it in GITLAB although that user is present in LDAP and synced to gitlab.
so then gitlab creates another user like xyz_1 even though xyz user is there in LDAP which is in sync with GITLAB. This happens because this xyz user hasn’t logged into GITLAB yet although part of synced LDAP.

I know its weird but it is what it is.