Leaving a Deleted Group

I was a member of a group that was subsequently deleted by the group owner and yet the group continues to appear in my list of groups showing 1 member (I guess me). In the gitlab group listing, the line for the group does NOT have the 3 dots on the right that normally allow you to leave/delete/edit the group depending on user level.

If I click into the group, I get a 404 error from Gitlab.

The group has truly been deleted which is fine but I can see no way to remove it from my list of groups.

I actually have two groups in this state in my list.

Does anyone know how to remove them?

Group and project deletion happens delayed, more details in Updates to GitLab’s delayed deletion feature for projects and groups and Groups | GitLab On self-managed instances, you can configure the retention period.

Maybe this affects what you are seeing, and waiting for the delayed deletion will solve your problem.

Thank you for the reply. I do not think it applies as one of the groups I am finally trying to deal with was likely deleted 2 years ago and should not have had any retention period set given how it was used.

Thanks. I’d suggest debugging with the rails console then, Troubleshooting groups | GitLab Before deleting the group through the rails console, I recommend creating a backup.