Hi all,

I am fairly new to Gitlab CE.

I have inherited a set of projects which use Gitlab runners to deploy to production and staging servers. After enabling Letsencrpt “natively” within Gitlab, - e.g. setting letsencrypt[‘enable’] = true, in gitlab.rb, the runners no longer work and are set to offline. Also I get the message ‘This job is stuck, because you don’t have any active runners online with any of these tags assigned to them: live’ - however the existing runners are still there, and they display ‘active Yes’ at examplegitlab.com/runners/8.

I have reconfigured and restarted via gitlab-ctl, without success.

Any ideas?


Got it working. For anyone coming upon this post, if you host Gitlab on it’s own instance, over https, ensure it’s cert is in the chain on the remote server which hosts the runner, e.g. https://examplegitlab.com (Gitlab server host), https://mylovelysite.com (Gitlab runner host). Install runner https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/install/linux-repository.html .Then restart runners - sudo gitlab-runner restart.