License query


I wanted to know, how the license would be considered in Enterprise edition when Upgrading Community Edition to Enterprise Edition.

If we downgrade developer role to reporter role , Will the license reduce?
If we perform “bulk migrate” developer role to reporter role , Will the license count reduce?

same person can be in 10 different projects, but hold only reporter role in all of them. In that case , Is he counted as a license holder?

Likewise, if a person is in 10 projects, but has developer in one of them, then Is he counted as a license holder?

Can anyone please me to get it clear.


@Tanvika All active users count towards your subscription cost, regardless of their role within the system. Developers and Reporter Users created and active within GitLab both count as 1 user.

Please see the Subscription & Licensing FAQ for more information:

Hello, I also have a question on licensing. How will the license apply if we need a development server? We need to modify GitLab EE source code to fit our custom requirements. Can we apply the same license on the development server and not be charged for the test users within it?

I noticed that the pricing page mentions if other servers are created, the same users across the servers won’t be charged multiple times. How does that apply for test users that are automatically created by the GDK?


Any chance of reviewing this, we have some users who are not active contributors, just observers, paying the full licence fee of 99USD a month for these user’s is painful and stopping us upgrading.

@matt2 There is an issue about guest users for the Ultimate edition that you may find interesting: