Limit jobs for specific stage


I’ve got deploy pipelines for development environment with helm scripts. The problem is, that the runner and dev env is running in the same kubernetes cluster, so when I’m trying to run more than 3 concurrent helm commands, the kubernetes API is overloaded. In the previous stage, I have docker builds, and there the 10 concurrent jobs are fine.
Is there any way to limit jobs for a specific stage or job?

Did you ever solve this? Hitting a similar problem where one stage has jobs that overload the runner. It would really be helpful to limit this stage to running two jobs at a time or something similar instead of running all 10 at once. This limit would only be helpful on this particular stage

I am doing this right now but it is rather tedious:

  extends: .test-job
  stage: test group a

  extends: .test-job
  stage: test group b

  extends: .test-job
  stage: test group c

It would be much friendlier and more readable to be able to use a key that configures test stage concurrency 2 to run 2 jobs at a time in the gitlab-ci.yml file